Do the Body Math

Today’s lesson is Mathematics of the mind-body. Not many people know this and are committing errors in the mindscape. There are a number of critical things:

  • Seeing a vision and pushing for it to come true. This often doesn’t work because if the vision were for you, you would _not_ be able to see it. Pushing it on someone is also bogus because they sure could be it, but they will not ever see it if you push, so it will never happen! Then these goons hit you and try to go round the bush. They’ll keep going round and beating you until there’s nothing left because everything is in the center – the subconscious – which is why we see visions!
  • Impersonating a dead or reluctant person onto another person – surrogacy. This sometimes works very well provided the two people do not know each other and have never met. Once people meet, the mind becomes subconsciously afraid of “telling a lie” and seals up _over 50%_ of the things the impersonation was called for – lying often covers half or more of the truth due to some obscure religious factor.
  • Blaming one person for everything seems like a good idea until you realize that you need multiple surrogates for when he loos, brushes teeth, sleeps etc. Up to 12 surrogates have been used at one time in the history of modern telepathy, and the number of affected people was in the hundreds of thousands! They ask you to cut down the things you do every day and places you go. If you can’t cut it down, the number of surrogates factorializes 12! which is 479,001,600 people and the number of affected people – the _whole_ world. Talk about irony. If you cut down to just the basics it would still be a few hundred people, affecting millions. That’s enough to raise taxes in a small country or state.
  • Killing people you’ve hurt to feel safe. This is a complete fallacy. Committing a murder of a blessed person in front of everyone.  You might as well kill all good people. Pushing him to suicide? It will hurt every step of the way and people will remember just like the Chinese tradition of throwing rice dumplings into the river [in memory of a self-sacrificing imperial official] – hundreds of years and still going strong. People will do good deeds, who are marked for death, not debauch – but even those who do arouse pity.

… Went out for a walk this morning. Traffic at 7 am was pretty heavy. Had an iced coffee and came straight home. Bought some archery accessories cheap from China.

… Ate chilies for vitamins and to restore my health. Really invaluable, the humble “bird’s eye pepper” which you can grow from seed. The telepathy is winding down and an angel told me to take it easy. I guess this is where I stop posting online and move on. Maybe in a couple of days.

… I’m officially closing the blog today. Some things are still unfinished, incomplete, but there is life beyond cyberspace. The synchronicity is that 17 July was the French Revolution II, the Iraqi revolution of as well as the anniversary of MH17. I guess today, we put the past behind – the telepathy and schizophrenia.

… I live on – in a paragraph. Bought 2 sapphire hamsters to brighten my life … Improvised better accessories for my bow slung onto my pack … Started beating flab … launched an online currency … Got an onyx [ protection] Buddha amulet – I asked the Holy Spirit – made a lock pick; bought a whip baton … My airsoft mask arrives tomorrow. Had to buy a Malaysia map [not cheap, wasted money and time trying to print one]; decided to peruse my old watercolor set and stylograph pen; successfully DIY-ed oil lamp wicks from an old tea towel. These 4 things are signs of the near future. I don’t know when I can mod my barefoot shoe [return of Christ] …

It’s 5am

Woke up at 1:30am after taking 2 clonazepam sedatives. Must have slept for just 4 hours. Went downstairs. Mom was on the phone to UK talking to her aunt. I wolfed down some leftover fried noodles, took a hot shower and overcame the pushed-in constipation somehow. Made a cup of iced coffee. Planning to mod my Nike Vomeros today – the so called “bare foot shoe”. It has no upper, just a sole, barer than a Jap slipper. Decided to always wear a cloth girdle with my clothes. I have a yellow one and a red and white one.

… Skipping lunch today, as I had a full breakfast bought by Dad and Sis. Dieting is important. Fat isn’t cool. We are quelling the telepathy with standard agency techniques. The people involved are obviously not government approved : o The Nike mod isn’t going well. It will have to go into cold storage, waiting for the next 6 year cycle – 2020 just like my old eMac. The probable reason I’m now wearing a cloth girdle is because world war is on the cards and I must stand out as a community leader back home, someone who knows the Way.

… A bit of chaos this morning, in the mindscape. Hitting and complaining as Bar’ěnoš [Kong Yew Liew] is put on my father by the Americans. The Son of Man: a rogue schizophrenic with extreme guilt. I’ll try to psychoanalyze him soon but just to jot down these thoughts.

… Talking a bit about life and sacrifices while packing my bow and arrows and stocking my rucksack. There is uncertainty in the air. 2017 will see major changes by the end of the year. The telepath schizos can’t hold back the tide beyond the new year. Many believe in false Christianity. Once the fait accompli [scourging of Christ] was done with, there is no need to martyr, as a believer or a hopeful. To those who feel uncertain, read Ephesians 2:1-10 as a synopsis of the New Testament. And to those who are battling sin, read 1 Peter 1:13 – gird up the loins of your mind and count only your blessings from Jesus. Sure Pete thought he was living in the end times – Jesus never told them – and he was such a better leader ; )

… I’m canning EroticShapes for an easier way of making money. My spice rub recipe preparation for fish and poultry. For the adventurous, here it is in no particular portion.

  • Ground almonds
  • Lemon zest
  • pureed celery
  • Tabasco sauce
  • fresh peppercorns
  • – finally I add some vitamin E as preservative

Can be rubbed onto meat before pan frying or BBQ roasting.

Islam, oh Islam!

Amidst Malaysia’s aim to uphold Islam [against evangelical Christianity], a strange partnership with the Saudis, support for Indian preacher Zakir Naik who is believed to have terror links, we are seeing more and more white jubah clothed men with beards and skullcaps around town. If this isn’t worrying, in America and Europe, the call of Islam is already strong on the disenfranchised population. Islam is their way out of sin and drudgery of being neo-colonialist Whites – and the same for us semi-Polynesian Chinese mixes. I was afraid and embarrassed wearing my keffiyeh out today [Friday is a holy day in Islam] but I did it anyway because it’s time people believe in something.

so believe, eat and dress, according to love for one another, beneath Allah – that is all that Islam really asks

There is no compulsion in Islam. It is a religion borrowing from other religions just like the Pentateuch borrowed from Babylonian myth. We don’t slag off the Babylonians, do we? America just bulldozers them [happy days YHWH on your old enemies] so why slag of Islam? Why make a religion that’s based on so many older religions fight for itself? Because Islam was given to Ishmael [a big boo to the slave Hagar’s son for YHWH]. But back to the topic, though God gives Islam trials, just for being Ishmael’s religion, so happens, and so too do Christians endure trials, just for believing in a weak man-god, we must stress the point Mohamed made: that there is no compulsion in Islam.

If you do 3 things, you can be a friend of Moslems: eat kosher, dress kosher, and believe that the universe is intelligent [Allah theory]. Earlier posts covered why the universe has to be intelligent – because to be so great as Allah, he had to be in the blueprint for the universe’s creation – so too was Jesus – the divine Word. The bigger you are, the more prepared space-time is for you – there is a God, there is Allah, and there is you and me who are of different levels of faith – so believe, eat and dress, according to love for one another, beneath Allah – that is all that Islam really asks.

I Shall Return, Hello Manila

I’m trying to earn some money before my trip abroad next year. Nothing will go easily when Li Lian [LiLiLi] is around but still, this lucky year for us dragon signs, I may stand a chance. I have a storehouse of ideas which I can use to get a couple grand at the very least. I’m thinking of something sexual-psychologically useful – like fidget spinners but in software.

… Hard at work on my animations. I opened a page on Weebly but it’s not live yet. It’s called EroticShapes and is designed to turn people on to making love again, without Viagra. Animations are powerful and subliminal, they don’t have to be graphic.

Going on a long walk every mid week up SS2 hill and into the town center. Also have to diet, taking just a coffee for breakfast, light lunch and moderate dinner – no snacks, just sipping tea. I’ve been pushed fat. Still haven’t completely assembled my electric scooter.

… I’ve more or less settled my scooter, my Nike shoe mod, my cutoff jeans edging – things that were annoying me for ages. Today I’m drawing the erotic shapes, animate them, then add the interactive code weekend. It should be easy: just Javascript on the JSON output by Spine Pro [animation studio] a startup product which I bought some years ago.

… Keeping to my diet. I already somehow have cellulite : o what gives? Washed my blue jeans cut off and roll-edged with shoelace.

… Had a good sleep. Was able to use the loo. Hand-washed my clothes and brushed. Previously my teeth had developed stains overnight, probably from the telepathy. Need to get a polishing toothpaste soon [running out of my Darlie expert fresh anyway]. Carting my Nike soles to the Jaya cobbler for new uppers.

… Failed to find a cobbler able to repair my shoes. Bought fresh supplies of SPF lotion, Dettol antiseptic, and new hi-tech toothbrush and toothpaste. My gums were badly infected and skin dried out, now they’re better again. I use the Dettol as a freshener spray for my jeans.

… Plans: according to my horoscope Jan ’18 is a bad month for travelling. Nov ’18 would be better. Hard to work on my diagrams while being “earmarked” for killing … the earmark left, 12:38 GMT+8. For some reason, many people came to kill me, even church members! Figuring out a way of making the “red shoes” seen by the Vatican.

There are Laws to Telepathy?

Yes there are! The ancients practiced telepathy and in Atlantean times, the secrets of the mind and body were fully known. Here are the 4 basic laws of telepathy. You may wonder why nobody obeys them – well they made amendments a.k.a. machines to overcome the natural body reflex which would cause harm otherwise, or even death.

  • Two minds cannot come together naturally
  • Two hearts can come together naturally
  • Forming a chain of slaves [lesser or animal minds and hearts] is wrong
  • Going into a trance or dream to come together is wrong

Now these laws are just the bare bones. I’m sure you’ve seen massive movements in the mind and long chains or masers. These are kept up by suffering and directed by aliens etc. They are unclean and will not meet the Lord. These guys are plainly in the wrong and blasphemous, perverse, false teaching, hypocrites. Believe it or not, they knew the 4 laws and chose to disobey. Ever felt like you’ve been swindled? This is what it’s about.

… Teaching in the mind about the 5 major aspects of surviving telepathy. So here they are written down in black and white:

  • Depression / Oppression – Have a routine, and idols that worship you
  • Health / Inflamation – Take chili, tumeric, confess past sins to your pastor
  • Dissatisfaction / Irritation / Compulsion – Masturbate, have sex
  • Insomnia / Restlessness – take pills for it eg. Valium or Rivotril
  • Gert / Bloat / Constipation – take sweet potatoes, Eno, Espom Salts

As you can see, it’s not possible to get by by just thinking your way out. You have to spend money and buy good things; go out and meet good people, even if it’s only on Whatsapp or SMS; take mild medicines and tonics. BTW Epsom Salts should not be given to kids and dose is important so research it well. I took some this morning [half tablespoon] and it worked in under an hour.

Another thing I want to touch on is drugs. Many people caught by telepathy do drugs. Some of the worst drugs are cocaine based. Most do crack ’cause it’s cheap. How do you kick your crack habit? You can’t – but you can reduce it by 90%

  • When you take your crack, try running as far as you can until you feel tired, then stop. Don’t kill yourself. Just run like you can.
  • When you’re done running, you can take your crack, then climb – do the al-Qaeda monkey bars until your arms are spaghetti.
  • When you’ve climbed and run and you took your crack, you can masturbate. Don’t take crack unless you can run and climb then masturbate. It’s part psychological but it works. You should need less and less crack.

… Talking with the mind cleanup crews about prophecy – I realized nobody would say anything in public about seeing the future and why it sometimes goes wrong, yet is successful for others – people who don’t know the subject directly. Here is the low down:

  • Many clairvoyants saw a blonde woman in the president of America’s chair. Just recently Ivanka Trump took The Donald’s seat at the G20. Everyone thought the blond woman was Chelsea or Hillary Clinton. Amazing how generally we see things yet how precisely [not accurately but precisely] we give out judgments.
  • Sometimes we sense something about someone – usually our kids or relatives who are young and we take proactive action but their prophecy happens anyway. The truth is that life is simple and technology is complex. God wants us to learn life, not technology which has no value. Politeness, tolerance, patience – virtues over technology produce a skewed, almost sarcastic prophecy.

more on this later…

My Harrowing Week

My ill-fated electric scooter arrived just this afternoon and I don’t know how to re-assemble it right. Luckily we have internet. Anyway it resembles a sweet early model Vespa albeit with plastic bodywork. It was wrapped up like crazy and I sweated for half an hour getting it free from the box and only to discover it wasn’t fully assembled. Damn : ( I don’t read Chinese so I can’t say the brand or make of it but it looks cheap, no trouble from thieves and vandals. Also heavy so it won’t be stolen. I will ride this most of the time to the LRT and around PJ. Oh yes, and our roof is now officially leaking just outside my bedroom from the afternoon and morning rain. Explaining to mom and dad about the scooter after I bought the Tern folding bike was the hardest part. They took it quite well but Mom’s still semi traumatized. I survive another day!

… Planning to head out this morning on my scooter or bike but neither seem right [or are assembled : /] so I don’t know. Guess I’ll wait till later, walk to the station, and get my bike chain down at Amcorp – where I usually go, and eat some sashimi.

… The sashimi was good, especially with soy sauce and wasabi. Expensive though. I got a good thick bike cable lock. I think I’ll lock the frame at the fold – my bike folds in half. I also got Dad a premature birthday present – an LP by “Amen Corner”. This makes up the last 2 “efforts” – the black rider [ya] and the pale rider [ayin]. The LP is by Decca records. Decca is 10. Kef is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet and Kappa [my shorts brand] is it’s Greek name. Coincidences abounding.

… I finished thinking about “Sod” or “Saed” which means righteous, eternal, a tool for – and I believe it is the keffiyeh worn with the agal, mainly the agal which is all those things above. I mean, you wouldn’t wear an agal would you? Even an Arab in the West wouldn’t. Being shamed [Freudianly] shows that the black rings of camel hair are what they are, and frankly, I don’t want to wear one either. Souls under the altar, with their white robes – those ain’t me : /

… Bought a rear view mirror for my scooter but there’s nowhere to fix it on. I’ve finished connecting the testy brake cables and now just to tighten the loose steering column through a dedicated slot. By tomorrow, I can take it up and down our closed road. Too hot to work now. Just took a hose bath. Drank a Red Bull for energy, and ate some chicken rice. All morning, people tried to pull me down to sleep when I already had 6 hours – what gives?

Going Commando

I’ve been doing that for years now, since the telepathy took control of my “member” and tied it, I believe, to a woman somewhere. Maybe it’s just because I’m 40 now and stiffies are few and far between but going commando is great – I save 10 bucks on underwear every year and do less laundry too.

So I was out to charge up my PayPal card with some cash for a bicycle motion alarm and I got these cool Kappa shorts for 50% off at a factory outlet. I was stunned that the beer place or bar had disappeared from the Jaya 33 corner – so much indicates we’re going down economically. I remember when Eden disappeared – a great eatery and also Shakey’s Pizza – another icon of my childhood. Anyway, the Kappa shorts are pretty good for us commando goers – something like my jeans. Kappa is the sign of the world’s oldest society of women [in America] and also the mysterious first letter of a sequence that preceeds the Surah Mariam in the Qur’an which relates the birth of Jesus through the holy virgin Mary. Furthermore, when folded, the design on the shorts looks like an arrow [white rider’s bow], and their slim fit is good for cycling [rider’s horse] : o – yet another coincidence or synchronicity. Furthermore, I had been wearing a keffiyeh as a belt for my jeans, now I’ll mostly be wearing a kappa / kef – the Greek letter in Hebrew. My current thinking is that the Surah Mariam will be fulfilled as Jesus comes, in 5 steps [5 seals] with the sign given to me – the first seal broken: kef, ha, ya, ayin, sod.

Unfortunately, my ill fated scooter purchase is now coming at me. I wonder what I’ll do with 2 bikes : / Mom & Dad sure’ll have something to say.

… More signs of the end of the age. My turntable could be the scales of the black rider – the letter “Ya” or the “bent hand” – the angled tone arm which is continuously beaten back and forth by the spinning vinyl grooves. I had thought to buy another bike but I’d rather be the family disk jocky. Just like I had a bow in 2015, not knowing about the White Rider, I have a turntable not knowing about the Black Rider – now to get the prophetic record for dad’s birthday and complete task 3 and 4 [Ayin: Pale Rider]. Then to wait for the 5th seal, Sod, to break.

… Found out that vinyl records have a plasticizer which resembles the chemical compounds for oil and wine – it’s full of esters [wine fragrance] and is oily, also it’s made from mixing alcohols. “Do not damage the oil and wine”

Baby Driver

I still can’t free my electric scooter from telepathy jail, undelivered since 16th June. It’s been 2 weeks and 2 days, so to fulfill urgent prophecy, I am getting a Tern folding bicycle for much more than I wanted to spend. I hope both don’t come together – then I’ll have to explain to mom and dad about it : o – the white rider must come!

Anyway, so I’m back, after being pressed off WordPress by the telepathy for over 5 days. I wonder if anyone missed me … I’ve bought my batik shirt and charcoaled my rubber plimsolls soles black, all ready for my interview about telepathy and schizophrenia. I can feel my time coming soon – when the world gives up pretending.

… Creepy and dangerous day. I was at OCBC Kuala Lumpur and a kind customer service rep authorised a big money transfer so I could buy my Tern folding bicycle. It’s really a money eater. On the wall by the guard stand was a dismantled racing bike in red and white livery. I used my rail concession card to save some cash, and used it for breakfast – some spirit drove me out of bed and on the train early. I even waited by a “River of Life” pool for an hour till the bank opened. It was drizzling and I was handed a huge wad of 50s. Walked the few hundred meters to Van’s Urban Bicycle – a converted bungalow down my street and picked up my bike. It seemed very odd counting 7500 RM in bundles of 20’s – took almost too long. I got the bike after they serviced it and it really has all the bells and whistles. Then tragedy struck – I fell off, scraping my knee – but with effort, and long arms, I saved the bike. Riding home, the danger became more apparent – somehow the bike felt heavy – more like riding a giant rolling snowball – bad analogy – I crashed into a neighbor’s flower bed, thankfully damaging nothing. The disc brakes were cool – not sure how to apply them so I pulsed and drew up to my house. After all the people jammed into me were thoroughly shaken by my terrible riding, I showered and looked over the bike – Immediately I moved the handlebars down and seatpost down too, then I moved the saddle backwards to the max. Now there’s some balance. Also figured out the Shimano gear set watching a youTube video. So I said the White Rider will ride – actually there’a a “turn eclipse satan” – Tern Eclipse S18. My bike is evil in August? so I folded it – it folds – and warded an evil eye at it till Sunday when God blesses cyclists.

Daily Economic Report


  • Popularity/revenue GDP

Multiple attacks on important decision makers and king makers. Strange rumors and continued urban violence. The fall of the IS in Iraq may be a bright spot that blinds you – LOW

  • Results /profit JOBS

Pushing forward with more new property development in Malaysia – seemingly in a mad rush to spend borrowed money, since the earlier part of the decade – HIGH

  • Pleasure /growth GROWTH

Infighting between rappers and hip hop, new generation artistes and actors – VOLATILE

  • Guilt /inflation INFLATION

Voter fraud in past US election now gaining ground – HIGH

  • Stinging /loving guilt BULLISHNESS

LGBT laws passed in Germany – a huge economy – now accepting moral communism, zen gestapo – HIGH

My Great Internet Novel #6

Apologies for the late post : ) but in Part #5 we saw the prophecy of the overlords and mankind begin to unfold. There was the suggestion that war may break out. The young hybrids now grown, as their genetics urge them against one another.

Space battle – the Phobos spun like a dart with feathers ablaze around the swarm of planetoids. A sustained beam of laser, rupturing a small one. Sandrah scanned the monitors, as splinters of rock ice clattered against the titanium hull. Where are you, Lyre, Father? she telepathed through her gel crab, clinging to her scaly forehead.

The magnesium steel daggers of the overlords were built for dueling complete with sparks, screeches, dirty tricks, and poison. Lors waited in the hold of the asteroid ship, loitering above the ring belts. He spun his double bladed weapon, his articulated body inherited from his father, who implanted the maiden Chantry. Somehow I was born, and this is my time, Father, he telepathed through his pulsing gel crab.

Snyppe held the dying enchanter, lifting him with a single arm. He had come far and escaped numerous assassination machines to deliver the fertilizator to Chantry. For the rebellion, for God, his throat half slit by daggers. Overlord guards gathered around him. He had run, guided by the supersonic cries of his bats, up from the sewers, bearing the vital chemical that would activate her embryo. His daggers flashed as he spun in low G, senses heightened by the bats and numerous nerve chemicals, still the hardened minds and preternatural grace of the overlord guards slowed his one man battle towards the gel garden where his object played, eating of immortality flowers’ gel nectar. Drink this, for God, he said and she conceived, now talking with his father, to deal the final blow to humanity’s pride, and free themselves from their declining religion and plodding beliefs. I am crab, screamed Lors. Meanwhile Sandrah’s damaged dartship torn to shreds, careened into the hold.

I must be strong, she said, Father? but there was no answer. Lyre was thinking about Jeyp and Esthre, his father and mother, trapped in Jupiter’s gravity prison. The prison was deep in the dimple the giant planet made in space time. The overlords had built steps out of it. Pieces of rock that floated in the darkness. Get into your suits and climb out, he advised. I’ll swing the ship around. Lyre got up from the meditation chamber, among the overlord youth. I’m leaving, he said. Yes Lord, they answered, If only you knew the sacrifice, they telepathed but Lyre was deaf to their mockery.

At the same time, Prince Gppe stood on the bridge. My heir is leaving the ship, he thought. Ahhh, and the desecration of my wife is at hand. Esthre couldn’t fit into a bio suit as her scales prevented the interface with the preserved tough flesh. You’ll have to cut off the scales, she told Jeyp. They had tried but blood oozed from underneath. He tossed aside the dagger and suited up, the dead-dying overlord skin and organs pressing around his naked flesh. Turning to his lover, he used his new strength to rip off the scales in a flourish. Esthre screamed in ecstasy-pain but Jeyp acted quickly, stuffing her raw body into a suit which immediately soothed her. Confound them, shouted Gppe as he lept from the bridge port, holding a judgement staff, the cruelest weapon the overlords had devised – for traitors and apostates. It was about 2 meters long and at each end, a ball of ragged black diamond. The staff was flexible a bit whip-like for maximum torment.

Sandrah’s ship crashed against the launch deck, its fins breaking off against the portal. Lors shielded his crab with a bony hand as she lept from the ejection seat, dagger in hand. Their blades locked and the overlord queen grimaced with anticipation. Lyre flicked the switches on his ship, the AX-1, a converted asteroid smasher, he had been working on during the long journey to Earth. He was proud of the work, not being the most skillful pilot but the small ovoid with grappling arms and jet spars had a lot up its sleeve. He smiled and launched, arms scampering across the deck and jets igniting.

Meanwhile in the garden, Prince Snyppe struck down his mate – the maid Chantry. She didn’t cry or show any pain. To show pain or grief was not an admission of weakness or guilt, as once humans thought, but an ignorance of the reason we exist. The rare metal dagger – she could feel the chemicals zinc and magnesium, rare semi unstable lantanides leeching into her blood. I exist forever, she thought as she caressed his leathery hide. God died to her and to many. Lyre felt it and so did the overlord queen.