I used to be an online anti-telepathy activist on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. At one time, I rented a dedicated server for some serious money which was either swamped or DOSed – I just couldn’t access it for days even to maintain the back end. Creepy things are happening in the world and I feel obligated to once again talk¬†online. I have no Blogger, Gmail, g+, or Yahoo anymore, and I’m off my Evernote etc. but here on WordPress, I’m brewing again.

Today started¬†pretty dull. Woke up before dawn, having taken 4mg of Rivotril to sleep. Mom burnt a pot, smelt like solder, making me nervous the whole morning. Fears over theft and thuggery abound. Violence could break out anytime. I stayed away from Bible study yesterday, which was in Kuala Lumpur, just visiting the cafe down the road for a Coke and to get some walking done at least once or twice a week. While Kim Jong Nam lies in a morgue 20 miles away from here, and the biggest buildup of missiles is going on in Korea, with Vietnamese spies in our airports, and the biggest Malaysian election ever, about to be held, I find my crowded mind thinking of nuclear war, terror attacks, and supernatural powers, but isn’t that WWII all over again. My Pastor believes 2019 will be the end of society as we know it. I mean, if you look at Tommy Page [he has a _husband_ and 3 kids] who wrote the theme song for “Shag”, starring Bridgette Fonda – who once wanted to marry her and what was her name in the movie? Melania!


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