Woke up around 5am with both my hands numb. I can’t figure out why people are in my hands – at least they’re not decaying, though they’ve gotten a bit more knobbly. Trebor, my free range hamster, ate kale, a yogurt oatmeal ball, sunflower kernels, and some wholewheat bread. I’m still struggling with my system: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS which has a USB freeze problem. Mom was lying on the sofa downstairs, wide awake. Does she sleep or is her mind counting the future, for the coming of Jesus or the opposite?

Thinking of going somewhere today but money is tight this March. Another afternoon breathing in hamster musk while the spool of our futures unravels between mom and dad and the TV.

… It’s now noon. I had forgotten to wind my HMT watch and brush my teeth. Found out that an old USB hub was causing my Linux system freezes. It’s temporarily replaced by an extension cable and “musical chairs” : / Decided to go out later in the evening, to the bookstore.


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