If I’m not mistaken Whitney Houston has died for some years now. I know, in my first post I mentioned another celebrity death, but Whitney Houston did more than suggest a shoulder to cry on, she sang one of the most important songs of the modern age: The Greatest Love of All. I saw a man or maybe a woman digging trash outside the hotel where we have our Bible study. It’s hard to tell because haircuts are too expensive and so are clothes – they just give them an old frock – but it hit home how much dignity still remains with the homeless, and how little dignity there is in our leaders, role models, enforcers, and policy makers today.

There was a young woman in China who was so poor, she outgrew her only clothes. Half unwrapped, she went around, mistaken for an adulteress or prostitute. Her only card was that she was lovely to look at. One time, she dared ask a rich man for some clothes but he proposed marriage instead, and she declined. He laughed: such trash has discernment over me. Eventually, she attached to a monastery where they shaved her head and gave her robes to go about earning some money for the nuns. After some years, it was not proper to keep her any longer so they put her out of the monastery with just a few items she had earned. Soon, she became beautiful again, and used her money to find husbands at a tea and wine shop. She soon attracted the Prince’s men and was proposed to by his nephew. He knew she was poor so he asked for sex and it was wild and animalistic which confirmed his suspicions. A child was born and they raised him well. One day, the young prince set out some gold, spice, clothes, and saddled a horse. This is all you’ve earned and are owed he said, now go. It is not proper for my son to be brought up by you any further.

Take it with a pinch of salt but doesn’t this happen at least sometimes even in New York?



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