Can something exist that is infinitely terrible or infinitely bountiful. It’s a Math question. Can we be too sexy for our song? Sophia was reputed to have pronounced YHWH a monster. The wisest being in the multiverse called God terrible – a perfection of awfulness who then called the Devil, a perfectly beautiful mind, who could grow herbs from his sperm, among other wonderful things, a traitor and the father of lies. Without doing any major algebra, we can deduce that perfectly terrible and good things can occur but they must have each other. The reason the human mind is conditioned to not believe in day to day perfection, yet to _believe_ in a perfectly good God and a supremely evil Devil, is that these ultra powerful beings are in never ending battle over our heads, recruiting who they will with sweet talk and promises. Can anyone caught between be too sexy for their lives? Mathematically no. We have to bear each other and condemn our criminals, no matter how much we played God or the Devil on them. Too beautiful, not : /


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