Telepathy can be drudgery and violent when terminology collides. In Malaysia, I soon forgot my Australian, and many years later, fell prey to word droppers. The arguments went on for years, getting worse and worse. Finally, I got together the information to map out most of the key words, ranging from “hate”, “care”, “heart” etc.

What do you believe and why don’t you appear to care?

  • Heart and care are the same as belief meaning behavior assisted by technology. Without technology there is no belief and soon we don’t heart or care about anything.
  • Faith is confidence in above mentioned technology – things not of our bodies and minds, or planet
  • Faith and belief promotes forgiveness through sharing of the body – doing things together in sympathy
  • Forgiving is simply the acceptance of the Lord’s infinite grace
  • Grace is God’s power of generosity
  • Religion is the belief in god’s grace and love – free forgiveness and livelihood

Is your thinking sinful?

  • Thoughts are imaginations of real possibilities and abstract or calculative possibilities
  • Imagination is filling in what we don’t yet know
  • Knowing is the fruit of understanding
  • Understanding comes from walking in the light
  • Walking in the light requires correct belief

Are you in danger of hell?

  • Fault and blame are sin confessed
  • Guilt is sin inconfessable
  • Damnation is guilt without bloodshed
  • Bloodshed are the words of God and the prophets given in sacrifice
  • Sacrifice refers to the scourging of Jesus
  • The scourging of Jesus is _all_ sin confessed

What are the knee jerk responses thrown at you, and how are they related?
This last bit couldn’t be said better than by Yoda in StarWars

  • Fear leads to anger
  • Anger to pain
  • Pain to suffering
  • Suffering leads back to fear, to sith: darkness

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