Dad got me a Texas Fried Chicken burger from town. Trebor ate some. I’m starting to realize that these Winter White hamsters are pretty social. Found him wedged behind my bed and let him sniff my fingers. He went ballistic on his vocal cords. Eventually he let me pull him out and ate the chicken and lettuce in his food dish by the Gundam display case. Actually, it’s too hot to eat Mexican food right now and I feel like a quick bath. The so-called Panasonic green air-conditioner is doing its best to act green and I had to turn a standing fan onto my desk by the window blinds. Yesterday was worse, the air-cond decided to humidify my room. Was it designed by Asimo?

I feel alone, or maybe it’s the tropical heat reacting with the salsa sauce in my burger. Did a check for how famous I am on Google search and came across some of my old music, my GitHub repository for TruthStones – an Applescript project I started years ago, a blank Facebook page with my name on it – I’m the only Yap Chen Kuang on Facebook and those are pretty common words for Chinese names. You might notice, that I gave my proper name: JianGuang in my profile. It means foundation of bright / jade upon jade. Ye, my surname, means a page or leaf, or the period of dragon lord rule in old prophetic times. Altogether, it points to a higher calling, one that was pretty much derailed by the death of Meng, my younger brother who had Schizophrenia. I can’t hear that well to help out much but with Meng, I would have been more useful and he would be writing this blog!


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