If you think Donald Trump and fake news are funny, Scarlett Johansson has an identical twin who needs spending money. But coming to the point [no pun intended], when do you say, the whole world is just too funny? It’s not when everything is lost, or when everything looks to be over, and you barely made it. It’s when you’ve done too much and gone too far, then look back and just start laughing. It’s important not to confuse laughing at something with being nasty or weak. It’s simply that we crossed the line in our minds that says: we’re gone – that we let go of the wheel and start coughing up our hearts.

… Just ate too much fish crackers – for my lunch, with a latte. I have to buy a wood rasp for my boomerang project tomorrow, and some sandpaper. It’s a weird project, which eventually will have motorized propeller action and a Coke-Mentos canon. It’s like a Predator throwing disc hunting big field game. Anyway, that’s while I fight mind wars. Just to have a dream keeps you from depression, _suicide_, overeating [oh-oh], and maybe adulterating, do I seem hopeful?

And adding to the funny world we now live in. It’s not funny when people come home in bodybags although nobody gets why they keep destroying Iraq. It’s sad when celebrities die although they leave clues to the puzzle of life on earth and kingdom come. It’s our responsibility to act wisely and not just “laugh it off”, because the time is now – don’t anyone feel it?


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