Stephen King could write an obituary directed by James Cameron. Truth is stranger than fiction. Elect a black man into the oval office or a sexy woman? A Monkey with death cymbals or Carrie the fire-starter? Talking about demons today and how they tag along with famous people, even you and me. They’re just signs of mental illness – so your doctor will tell you, until the unexplained starts happening. We’ve buried demons deep in our subconscious, built cities and neighborhoods over their stomping grounds, and surrounded the supernatural with kind and harmless personalities – often cartoons or kids’ movies. Suddenly, a corner of your house feels “itchy” to your eyes, then you get a come on from your colleague and eventually a voice starts talking in your heart, finally a pleading to come find out more … we all know where that ends up.

Demons often surround and tempt a weak angelic person, through his friends, knowing he’s weak or dumb, and going for the kill. It happened to me – really. I guess that’s how they get into the better people – through their loved ones and contacts who are immoral. Over the years I racked up more and more minor sins and the “friends” I thought I could trust stuck more and more pins in my effigy. I don’t know the end of it but I’m sure Mr King has already written the outline for that story. How’s the van, Steve?

… Came home from Ace Hardware with a pretty coarse rasp but it was the only one. Also got sandpaper there to finish off the job. I think I may experiment shaping the boomerang airfoils after some rest as it was a long, hot and humid walk. Bathed, changed my tee and just drank some iced Ribena. Had to pay for a train ride to and fro. I’m waiting for those driverless cars … Reading the feeds: another Pastor abducted here in Malaysia. Police made some arrests over the previous case but no sign of Pastor Raymond yet.



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