Greece was a test case for what’s going on in the world today. I mean, really ancient Greece, about the time of Alexander the Great, or before, before they were united as an empire or a nation. Many philosophers arose there, and many technological advances were made, paving the way for empire. Rome adopted much of the Greek way and soon was able to carve out an empire as well. Empires aren’t necessarily bad, although the Romans and Jews crucified Jesus, and fictionally: Darth Vader and Palpatine were the most evil film personas ever invented, but more to the point, empire meant that there was a place for everyone – a common law, common taxation, religious beliefs – things that modern Christians balk at. Every churchgoer expects the gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay ubermensch in Daniel’s book to topple anytime now as its weak composite feet crumble under God’s anger. Back to having a place for everyone, we can find evidence of a stormtrooper clone army: a faceless, indoctrinated population, a medicated rebellion force, jedi in exile, and a new hope – Jesus – being whispered around town. We are living in times of empire – with the IMF, OPEC, NATO, the UN – all vestiges of ancient Greek wisdom. A place for everyone seems to be that everyone carves out the same kind of space for himself. It doesn’t matter if you smash or burn my head, but I’m not yet another Hershey’s Kiss you can stuff into a big plastic Kiss-shaped packet and say it’s the best chocolate in the world.

… It’s official, my prediction last month, that Bitcoin is coming down but will the vultures gather as I said? BTW, If I sounded offensive above, it’s only because I was hit through telepathy. My brother in Christ, Joseph, was given cancer. As we pray for him, the cancer comes and goes. Chemotherapy is masochism and laying down to be hit on your head or balls is just plain cowardice – that never made a man good or their mother proud.


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