Awake again before daylight, despite taking my sedatives. Slight amount of hitting. Drank the bread beer I started brewing last night – it restores blood circulation, for a little Jamaica sugar, Saf yeast, and stale sandwich crusts. Just feel like crashing. Tired. Another day serving in the Resistance. Probably carried many people during the night, afraid of the British-American “system”. I don’t believe we can win out when so much evil exists, even within Asia, but life goes on, and small joys are planted now and then. An angel once told me: The byproducts of wisdom are your manna. I was thinking that byproducts … aren’t they normally a semi-toxic waste? Scraping the silk off banana skins while somebody bakes cakes – that’s strange but then again, aren’t we supposed to kowtow to the Beasts?

… Have to do chores today. Cleaning my room of hamster waste … and my waste :P. Just involves sweeping and a bit of wiping. Moving the furniture is the hard part. Seems like many people sway my head when I do pushing and pulling work. Anyway, that’s done. Took a hose and soap bath. Most of the time I just douse myself off a bucket. I use hand made soaps from the flea market – Jane’s Soaps @ Amcorp. Less suds and a fresh, gentle feel. Soaps and detergents are great polluters. I also handwash my jeans, towel and tees with environmentally safe TLC detergent. Handwashing teaches responsibility and conservation, is faster and fabric lasts longer.


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