As I grow in spirit, with my friends, I often think of the way we do things and why my pastor cuts corners here and there yet offers us the best wine for the communion where we remember Jesus. He doesn’t bring very good bread, just sandwich bread, but his wine is top notch. As I was wondering about this, I understood something of the communion and why Jesus said it was a good way to remember Him. Following that, I dared to ask again: why remember Him so much? And to both, I received an answer:

When you eat bread you eat off the land, of Adam’s toil, off the good seed – wheat, barley etc. and it’s pretty inedible to eat unleavened bread excepted yeast. In those days, yeast blew in off the forests and could be seen to be a gift from God, that the bread would rise and be nice and spongy to eat. Also, I noticed that wine also has yeast, otherwise drinking pure grape juice wouldn’t be fun at all. It’s yeast – God’s gift that made Jesus body and blood special. I also realized that chewing on the bread made it sweeter – doing good works gives you strength and pleasure, not just giving up or being hasty with judgments. Alcohol in the wine isn’t for making you feel good, it’s for making you feel thankful – for the long fermentation time it took to _make you_ feel good. Thus I received the answer to why we remember Christ when we take the bread and wine – it’s in our appreciation of these: our sincerity towards ourselves – our oil for the long night.

… I mentioned Li Lian and her prophetic mind in an earlier post. She’s my neighbor and she comes into the mindscape pretty often, seeming to have no intelligence, a drone of religious death and taxes. She gave me a prophecy a few years ago and it’s part of my life today. She saw various impossible things. I finally figured it out just recently, that these were related to my psychology diagram: Philosophy [all ideas: driverless car/plane [MH370]/simplified calculus/bible verse: Eph 2] – Tool [electronic hardware: folding mobile keyboard, semi-programmable calculator, iPod, Korg pad] – Emotion [electronic documents: new developments in psychology] – Function [clothes, shoes, hat, watch]. She also saw 77 virtues that I would supposedly have. I figured it out too – they are simply masonic ordainments that lead to the rank of grand master. Around when I was figuring all this out, I was thinking what 77-ish things should I buy now? Ironically and fittingly, all I had to do was roll my awkward net vest into an apron!


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