Took a sedative last night and slept through a killing party sent to squash me to death by pressing on my brain. There are people who raise forces based on prophecy and I guess I fell into that line of unfavorable future for awhile. This morning, I’m pretty okay. Onto my second cup of coffee and just writing the blog. Apparently, it had something to do with being “clean” or “dirty”, I don’t really know. Even my family agreed to kill me : /

Today, I want to talk about being shy and meek, versus being bold and brave, versus being timid and cowardly. For example, I don’t kill ants almost at all. Nor do I kill spiders – those unfortunate creatures who must spin out their own guts for a meal. But I do support animal testing. It’s all about cost-benefit – there’s no benefit being cruel or wasteful but animals were made for Adam and Eve. If an animal “likes” you, should you be kind and tolerant or should you be angry and scold it off? Once again, the same principle applies. Don’t be cruel unnecessarily. If it likes you, it likes you and if its little experiment didn’t go right, just forgive one another. So be shy, be bold, and don’t be timid. Be meek, be brave and don’t be a coward. Your leadership over the beasts and the land is a big clue to your relationships with your friends and fellow humans.

… I did some soul searching. Turns out the prophecy [above] was made by my neighbour: Li Lian, and it involved my boomerang project. She got some of the details wrong. I made a hook ‘rang not a yoke ‘rang. The wood rasp “angel sword” handle was yellow and black, not red. Red was the color of the coping saw handle while the ‘rang was not blue – which was the color of the U-shaped blade frame. Actually I ended up using a better coping saw which was orange and black, and the ‘rang, I mentioned to her, was just filler until the real prophecy starts in July.




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