Woke up at 4am after 5 hours sleep. Due to my brain condition, I need a lot of rest. Saw the video of William dancing in a club, on the satellite, and invited him to live with me and my friends in the mind, where we have a building – a hall, and a small town. Washing him clean takes some doing. Improving his family life is also important. Nerves are still raw even after YHWH intervened to end the telepathy in our “group of death”. I also invited in Kuan and Li Lian who is another homeless, lost soul – to fill her up with some spirit – she was dead in her sins. It’s not a stretch of the imagination that we should reach out and help the mentally homeless as little Patch Adamses. I’m seeding the mind with more stable homes so we can grab all the troublemakers into safe places. The UK is worried, as the center of telepathy, that it will be overrun by Asians but we have to be bold and seize the day [which unfortunately I had to sleep through a portion of ; ) ]. Leaning on prophecy or “counting” is still a problem. I think the lesson is learnt: we cannot divide the mind without destroying the body. Lessons for a young and still foolish generation.

… Came home from the mall flea market where I got a nice Vans tee for 26rm. Usually, my feet chaff but this time I made it home without much pain. I think people are actually counting my steps and plotting it on Google Earth. This is weird but I do really tell them where I intend to go everyday. Maybe it’s to keep certain people from meeting up. The reason I got the tee was my regular ones are scuffed under the left arm. Only the left. Dad admitted to scrubbing it because of “a smell”. Later another smell would permeate my pajamas. I had to hand wash them 3 times to get rid of it. Is there smell magic at work? : / This new tee is for my public speaking, a Jobsian black and blue jean look.



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