Sometimes I feel like putting all these armchair clairvoyants and clairaudients into a support group, or counters anonymous. You can’t image the hell I got from people trying to box in my opportunities and redirect my daily efforts. Sure, Chen Meng and Chen Kuang may be “the same” but we’re not identical twins, twins even, friends, kindred spirits or anything nearly as close – he’s just my foolish brother who lost his life in ’79 before he was out of diapers, giving away all his goods to the interrogators from the West and Penang. What a joker and a fool. I’ve survived 40 years longer, and I’m the same?

This is a quote from my book “The Analects of Elder Brother Yeap” about future sensing:

Choices aren’t painful in the present, and destiny is not formed by counting branches in the trail. Forgetfulness is blessed in retrospect. Your true future is the frothing of emotions and desires it thus far masks



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