What’s the most important organ in the body? The heart, right? Before anything in you can form, while we float in our mother’s belly, the heart has to start up pumping. Most people, therefore, have minor heart defects, quite a number of major defects exist too in people who can’t run, do strenuous exercise, are allergic all the time etc.

When the heart is ready and you’re now in a job somewhere, the most important organ in your body is the pancreas. Why pancreas? It helps with diabetes, obesity, heart disease, malnutrition, indigestion and most precious of all, our nerves controlling forgiveness of guilt. Once you slack off on your conscience, and you stop your bloodletting on behalf of sin [all sin is purified by blood – figuratively, not cutting yourself so be nice ; ) ] then the pancreas is compromised. If you get cancer of the pancreas, it’s a death sentence. If you find yourself eating pickles and Mars bars, it’s a sign you need church or mosque. Once a surgeon gets inside your guilty heart [due to mr. pancreas], the next whammy strikes: general anesthesia followed by potential stroke. You have been warned!

… In life we all need work, otherwise we manage money, both are the same animal. Money is a funny creature. If you could describe it in one sentence what would you call it? I call it “the arbiter of dissatisfaction” – 4 words that say a lot. In fact, if you understand money like I just said, you’d very quickly and perhaps prematurely rise to the top of the corporate ladder, no matter where you started your working life.

Understanding yourself is “anti-money”. Nobody pays you to self-improve on their time. I know it’s now hip to do this at work – it used to be called “serious meetings” – but then it changed to retreats and “summer of code” etc.

Knowing this, failing, maybe embarrassingly, at times, is not a sign you need to find another job, or get more dummies coaching. It’s simply that you fall into that niche of people who don’t work for the money and already understand yourself. These guys work to show others the true meaning of money, and they don’t seem to _understand_ their behavior, simply, to change the world, or at least the office or shop. Don’t crush us, we are more precious than the normal everyday people we seem to hurt.


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