I slept only a few hours last night. Around 8 to 11pm. Then the government goons came round with their questions and demands. Their plan seems geared to fool the public after having made bold decisions on us all and told us impossible sounding things. They’re powered by future sensing, and mass openings – catching people for sins and future sins, which they then push onto a sin bearer – someone with charisma [also in a Christian sense]. A whole slew of people are affected, losing teeth, hair, sleep/brain [in my case], skin, eyes, and getting cancer. Why they use telepathy to push Beast is beyond me. It’s not something you’d automatically think of doing. It’s like drinking fish liver emulsion versus just eating your beans and greens. Would you rather see fresh vegetables out in your store or piles of boxes of cod liver oil? Maybe that’s why they went underground – they started too early – read: future sensing, again. Ultimately, we don’t get our silent night, huh?

… More questions which need clarification. I wanted to wait until Bible study to see if they turn out to be blessed but here is my best explanation anyway. Later to talk on my new Vans tee which is prophetic : o

Morals are divided into 2 parts because of Greek / Roman philosophy. The ubermensch has 2 iron-bronze legs, right? Secular morals are a series of standards or grades of character [DNA roughly] and persona [ability, opportunity, and motivation to learn / conform]. This is important because grades of morality keep empire together – Babylon the Mother of Harlots. Having one flat moral standard would mean Babylon falls apart. Religious morals are simply pure fear or sincere reverence of God or a supreme deity, al-Lah, Buddha etc.

Next up is the concept of Heaven and Hell. It’s too naive to believe these don’t exist or to believe that we can understand them. After all, God asked Ahaz, in Isaiah to ask for a sign high in heaven or deep in the grave. King Ahaz refused to even want to look so why be concerned? Even kings and Jews, who wrote the Bible, didn’t care! Night falls when no man can work, the silver thread is cut and the pot and wheel shattered by the well – the words of Solomon – then man goes to his eternal home. Remember your creator. Life: but a chasing after the wind. Nobody could say it better than that. Remember life and its giver, not the grave [hell, hades, sheol] or where holiness [which we are not] sits.

Finally, my Vans tee. It says 1966 in roman numerals at the bottom. 1966 was a jubilee year [once every 50 years in the Jewish calendar of Messiah the Prince] where Time Magazine declared “God is Dead”. It also has print that says “off the wall” – the title of Michael Jackson’s 5th album released in 1979 – the year Chen Meng died. M.J. eventually died too and in both cases there were white / black vans involved – taking the body and putting it back – thus the brand “Vans”. I hope I don’t get shot wearing this thing out : /



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