I’m trying to master the guitar on a rainy morning here in Petaling Jaya. Took Epsom salts to relieve my constipation with excellent effects. They can’t easily beat a chemical, even stuffing my gut with thousands of people. Planning to go out today but the weather isn’t that good. Washed my clothes and ate some chocolate nut spread for breakfast, then read the feeds. Millions, even hundreds of millions, of poor people will starve by year’s end due to rampant financial cheating, propping up the stock market. I’m just waiting to see how all the telepathic anti-religious government agencies will answer for this by late December: plastic dog food, plastic rice, tuna sweatshops, horsemeat burgers, vanishing rupees, Yuan fixing, trade blockades – the list goes on.

… Great weather for walking now at 24 degrees C. Fully cloud shielded too. Been reading the Bible book of Isaiah and Revelations as well. Digging into prophecy is important to my friend Allen who is caught in a grip of death by telepathic government agencies. Lashing out at important people isn’t the way, Al. If it means digging all day, I will, to save a soul. Even Maxis has tripled the bandwidth on my mobile. The world and all its truth is out there – in cyberspace [and here on my blog too].

… I finally finished putting together a quick and dirty sling for my quiver and arrows. It clips onto the strap of a cheap cloth sling bag for that L shape chest configuration you want to achieve, not a plain cut across shape that will scuff your neck and bunch up your shirt. I don’t know exactly why I bought these bow and arrows – it’s a long story – but Jesus told me to buy something that defines _you_. In a nutshell, I was really happy but Jesus wasn’t thrilled, and I still don’t know why. Back to digging in Isaiah I guess. Ultimately, the last bastion of Enemy will crumble – that God _didn’t know_ what the heck he wrote in the Bible – which didn’t come true anyway.


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