It’s 5am and I’m wide awake. A cool night, slept quite okay and could loo better. Typing out the next part to yesterday’s exposition on Isaiah. While I was at the LDS, they often quoted from his book. I never found out why, but it gave me a good lead for combating the Enemy and flushing him from his last strongholds in the mindscape, ending the telepathic bullying which dogged me, and many others too, since I was a baby by the outback near Canberra.

In the last post, I claimed that Jesus I.D. was mixed up [on purpose?]. Look at some of His titles also from Isaiah. Are they for Immanuel, or Jesus, or both, being the same man: a fictional, “impossible” _god-man_?

  • Wonderful Counselor
  • Mighty GOD
  • Father of Futurity
  • Prince of Prosperity

Those were the words of _YHWH_, concerning “A Son, [that] hath been given us”.

… Listening to the Carpenters through a small Sony ball speaker. Fed Trebor, my hamster, and brushed my teeth. Washed my pajamas. Now I’m just staring over the top of my self built PC’s screen – out at the golden mosque minaret sprouting from between the crowded roofs of the project neighborhood. When I was telepathically assaulted in Manchester, UK, I had a similar room view of red tiled roofs and grey winter sky. Waves of loss are washing over my chest. I didn’t graduate from university that 1999, after trying for the second time.

… Continuing the discrepancies I mention in part 1, we see YHWH bragging about the kingly bloodlines he will cut off, around the time Syria and Babylon invade Jerusalem. A little research turned up a simple explanation of why God wanted to start anew with “a shoot [descendant] from the stock of Jesse [King David’s father, a commoner] and a branch from _his_ roots [a distant cousin?] [which] shall bear fruit”. It was that Israel must start afresh, after the exile, due to its terrible sin. But that isn’t the full explanation. The real story is touching as it is true in light of God’s rejected, a-cursed “Christ”.


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