I just got a note from my bank that I haven’t put or taken any money into or from my account in 365 days – a  year – and that it has gone into cold storage. Partly, I don’t spend lavishly, nor do I get a regular paycheck to bank in. So I’m off to withdraw some funds and see if anything I missed needs buying. Supposedly, I got everything I need for the coming downturn but that’s probably foolishness : /

… Came home from shopping at Amcorp after I dropped by at my bank HQ in Kuala Lumpur. I can’t believe I blew over a thousand bucks on a LP player and used record. It’s a present for my dad, when he gets tired of gardening, to pick old songs – he already listens to MP3. LP players have an old fashioned appeal and a fresh, big buttery sound. No point saving money that MO1 and the scandal ridden government institutions will invest in something strange, only to be reimbursed by Dubai sheikhs who want cheap palm oil. No point picking up BR1M as your fat bank account isn’t moving your life in the right direction. I think a hi-fi is a great social opportunity through sharing and listening to records. Go dad and mom too!

… Started really rough with the LP player. It had a plastic stylus protector which I forgot to remove, managing to scrape the record, then, in panic, snap off the whole stylus instead. The tone arm was tied back which I also forgot to undo. I neglected to clean the used record – it’s easy, just a bit of detergent and filtered water on a eye glasses cloth. I also managed to grate the record against the  anti-static carbon brush. After all those newbie [mentally challenged] moments, I breathed a sigh of relief, everything still works. That’s what too much telepathy does I guess – I had it all my life but these past years have been the absolute worst : /


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