In previous posts, I didn’t make it expressly clear, this same titled series of posts points out a visible scar on the face of Christianity, one of maybe more – I dare not know – but examining these glitches in the word of God is the best way to find out for yourself if what religious folk tell you is true, or what the secular, telepathic government says is not so. The reason it’s hard to put out these posts, is that there is telepathic oppression, literally a pressure, as well as a dearth of neutral research materials. The government agencies won the first round but we mustn’t give up the _good fight_  until the final bell sounds.

… Working [thinking] now after a lot of hi-fi listening.

… Morning, a new-feeling, hazy, fuzzy day. But it’s already late finishing the series I started a few days ago on Bible proof, coming in from the negative side, something people don’t do [normally]. Essentially, we critique Isaiah chapters 7 to 11. Nothing impressive or acrobatic.

Continuing from the root of Jesse, we see the him / the Messiah, glorious before the nations of the world. We see Him bringing back the remnants of the Jews and God cutting a path for the exiles in Bablyon to return. Of course, this exile thing happened many centuries B.C. _while_ the glorious Messiah never came [in that time] or was his coming veiled? If so then, who is Jesus [war happens]? Who is Immanuel [savior]?

It’s time to brainstorm, because we are dealing with a God of tricks, schemes, and underhandedness. YHWH – the “sneaky” master, super IQ. What if the Jews had found out that there would be no bona fide Messiah for 600 years? What if they read: yeah, it’s him, at such and such a time. Could they be trusted with such prophecy? These were a people weak and sinful, sent into exile!

God’s promise to the Jews: their holy covenant; their sacred city; their much anticipated Messiah – constantly in David’s prayers against their then pagan [now Moslem] enemies; the holocaust; the 6 day war – in which the US and every major power covertly dealt against Israel – we can feel the compassionate agony of the prophets – the burden of their message, woven into the twine of History. Jesus: Maher-shalal-hash-baz, Immanuel: Shear-jashub – _don’t_ begin to think of the cross at Calgary: already there are tears in some eyes: where were you, Jew or Gentile [where was your heart] when you first sensed the ancient, persistent echoes – the hushed calls to our place in forever.


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