Just a reminder that “God Knows Shit part 3/3” is almost finished. Go have a read if you’re interested in Jesus and the Bible, being thrown at, or away from, you telepathically. Meanwhile, I was attacked, last night, by a fever wave and had to retire early, not typing up my post. Woke up sore in my legs and feet, fed my hamster, Trebor [named after a budget brand of Kit-kat we used to eat in school], did all my morning chores, then put in some work on the post. Drinking some earl grey tea from my huge mug, which is also prophetic. It has something to do with the spice or fragrance offerings to YHWH, in its hand-painted markings. I put up a photo one time, but it wasn’t popular. The manufacturer is “Samaria” from the “Felli” series. Felli or Fel [in Latin] is bitterness, gall, bile, poison.


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