The telepathic future sensing, utilizing groups of millions of “counters” has left the world with a legacy that everything has to be checked and adjusted, accommodating people considered important / prophetic, who want / need to be safe and saved, all pushed along manually.

In my time, it used to work quite well, but of late, attacks and abuse of the government hand-holding system, probably by the vengeful, or soon to be killed [yes the system kills] troublemakers, has dealt a deathblow to the world economy and politics. Millions labor to push every day, flogged on by the British whose Union Jack is now at half mast following the Westminster terror attacks.

Will the system fall apart this month: the start of better things to come; or something insidiously convoluted that hurts more? Fortunately, there is a catch all solution: become wealthy [in assets]; be generous [with [spare] change], kind [to yourself too] and share tender [faithful] love. I’ve neglected to explain why, all this time, rather, just showing a good example. Few took the bait. So, this is roughly [WIP] how it is:

  • Complex arguments ………….. wealth generosity of money
  • Anger and vengeance ………… kindness love sacrifice
  • Violence and terror …………… sexual love marriage
  • Prophecy & salvation lost …… wealth generosity of Spirit
  • Death by system ………………. wealth
  • Embarrassment ……………….. generosity
  • Catastrophic loss ……………… religious devotion

… This is an important post, which brings to end mostly what I can help with: the crises started by Li Lian. Readers who follow closely will know she eventually became my next door neighbor [her surname sounds like “6”: her house number, my house number is 8: for luck] and that my life is full of such religious / anti-religious coincidences – no doubt made by the huge weight of the “system” bouncing off God. I’ll just linger on this post for quite some time, editing and clarifying, as it is one of the few doable keys to escape the crunch.

… I think rather than check each bullet point exhaustively, I should just explain wealth and love-making from my book “The Analects of Elder Brother Yeap”, then the reader can decide for themselves.

Friendship is the root of love where love is but a renewable blossom … an elixir for sexual exploration as the root of love nourishes the fruit of love. The root of love cannot be appreciated well except through the blossom. To wine and dine the blossom takes great expertise in the ways of the world … then are you ready to taste it … as sweet as it can possibly be.



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