Scrubbed Dad’s used record with a soft dust mitten last night, trying to get the pops out of Bridge Over Troubled Water. Applying some force, I managed to clean those grooves a lot better. No serious popping now. Realizing our table wasn’t level, I cobbled a hi-fi isolation platform out of a heavy waxy paper hardcover book and some springy foam Mom brought home from testing in the Chemistry Department lab years ago. No dramatic change in sound other than more air, float, and more prominent background details like guitar plucks, bell tinkles etc. It was worth the effort. I wonder when Dad will take over. It’s almost perfect now.

… Woke up this morning to find my hamster missing, but the door was locked. After some searching, I found Trebor crushed on my bed under a strategically placed pillow. Flat as a pancake. I wasn’t even able to hear his screams …

Well that’s the end of my 3 “children”. The world can move on. The table was indeed turned – sail on silver girl [prophecy not intended -seriously!].

… We were talking in the mindscape during a thunderstorm [during which there was a clash of 4 thunders just overhead our house] about vinyl cleaning solutions. After all that scrubbing, I finally put together a super effective mixture, using common household chemicals [not supposed to reveal it yet]. The dirt in the grooves loosened up as the stylus played through and piled up on the surface. A lot of light brown stuff probably left by a previous wood glue method clean that failed. Dad said he won’t be buying his records this week.


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