I was super dense as a kid. I needed personal tuition for square roots in high school. I also had a piano tutor [I couldn’t learn], a mandarin language tutor [also couldn’t learn], a Malay language tutor [couldn’t learn very well], a physics tutor [no use], in fact I might have gotten by better with a “life” tutor – someone to pop my mind open from under a coconut shell by the palm trees.

Finally, with technology, I’m learning a couple of things, from smartphone apps and youTube etc. Without high technology first, I wouldn’t be able to understand basic technology before. So just now I bought a guitar tutor app for 10 bucks. Name your price for wonderful playing skills! There’s an advanced level app too which I may get later. I also tune in to Chinese radio OneFM 88.10 here in PJ, and I have this speak-into app to decipher any unfamiliar word or term I may hear. How some people motivate or trigger their learning ability is sometimes unconventional but so succinctly logical which, for common poor folk, happens from the magic of hi-tech.



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