March is almost over and I haven’t got anything important done. To compound this, my very first LP record is full of static after I flipped over the felt mat. I figured out why static clings to the most annoying parts of vocals etc. – it’s because of the bigger / rougher surface area there which holds more charge. I’m seriously considering a Milty Zerostat gun but it’s pricey, so a bit later I guess. Meanwhile, saving money by using less TP, less water, less electricity; brewing my own bread beer. In fact, this post is powered by 3 glasses of it [hic] but seriously, it’s not that strong!

I haven’t rasped my boomerang drone plywood wing which I sawed out a few weeks ago, I haven’t learnt appreciable amounts of Mandarin or guitar yet. Yesterday, I messed my pajamas after taking Epsom salts. Somebody gave me terrible gas through telepathy. Since Tebor, my winter white, died, the overall house mood has decayed a bit, even getting shitty! Thank heavens for Dettol. Dad’s Mighty Mouse buttons died. My clothes rack started dipping to one side. A burn appeared on my knee out of nowhere. God says I can’t carry anything non-digital. I was hoping to take a handwind watch on my travels.

BTW, everything for the next 5 years seems to be digital. I know I sound mad but it’s unreal how it played out. I amassed _digital clothes_ : a hat, suit, shoes and watch. The brocade of my Tang jacket and hat bandana has computerized stitching similar to the coarseness of “space invaders”. The shoes I didn’t really want to wear along, have a Nike+ iPod holder. My watch, to my mounting horror, looks to be the bulbous Casio quartz digital display. What am I poised to do, God? All points of the cross turned out _digital_!


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