The world was created in 7 “days” but a stitch in time saves nine. People once couldn’t comprehend the Earth was round, never suspecting that the Maya believed 2012 was the end of the age. Office workers drinking Brazil coffee thought it was 1999, including a short hispanic black guy with a symbol as his name. Why can’t we solve the telepathy issue? It’s because of the irony and symphonic grandeur of life and _past lives_ in our immense sandbox – there is no solution that helps every single person or even any one sizable group.

What God has blessed me with, is to teach, using the latest information technology, to pull off a few key saves over the blatant evil schemes going on around us since 2014. News of another car ramming attack in Washington.

… Just ordered a Zerostat anti-static gun for a reasonable price via phone call, from a shop in Kuala Lumpur. Tidied up my room and prepared my mental rote to help deflect inevitable troubles. I may be heading north-west some short years ahead, probably ending up in Sweden for a formal occasion. These are signs in the things I bought and where I arranged them.

… A front just opened up against me, on my way out tomorrow. Hope I can make it with a sea change of attire – normally throws off 90% of the UK-Li Lian goons. The rest is confidence and leadership ability. To be safer, I’m starting off earlier than usual to be there first and will make some unexpected turns and stops where possible.

… Saving money equals no wrong purchases. I’ve been modifying those misbuys and getting some use out of them like this ZeroBodys slimming vest [didn’t work out], Yamaha keyboard, and my Snails Original chinos.


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