Isn’t this the name of some witch somewhere? The cycle of good versus evil is like a flower that opens and closes, and opens again. Each time, it fades, and it grows desperate to mate – with the bee I guess : )

Finally, the cursed bloom is plucked off and thrown away. Love is uncorrupted and becomes true, wars end and peace reigns. Evil “the inworking mystery” is just like that – it hides, it shows off, then it’s safe, and hides again, shows off, and in neverending misery never gets the good hardworking bee, It self pollinates, maybe by the wind, creating chains down the annals of history, family trees full of unnatural abilities and desires.

This last time, the flower was poisoned before it could open. I don’t know what will cure it. Should 201X be the decade of debauchery and recklessness? I just got my Dad a hi-fi. Sitting next to a walking weary me is a British designed Zerostat that costs half the price of the player!


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