I am not a clone … yet. But I am forgetful and in danger of repeating information. I have a head injury and am an officially disabled person. This month, I go off my life saving meds, costing the government 300 to 400rm per month – about a hundred USD. I also use less fibre bandwidth [where I have a discount] and seldom take advantage of free travel privileges. Malaysia is poor and so am I [not _dead_ poor thanks to Mom and Dad].

I talked before on wasting money and getting raw deals [out of life etc.] and how this economy can’t sustain stupidity and ignorance. I started reading The Edge – a business daily and am subscribed to Reuters as well as one of Malaysia’s few truly and trustworthy independent news sites – no fake news from government harassment / hacking. Don’t be caught out when the golden-silver-bronze-iron-clay man tumbles. Already weird things are happening in our country, with supernatural connotations. In my last post “Poison Flower” I touched a little on evil and why the Bible says it is a mystery. It gives the game away when you read it with someone experienced – like the Beast that was, now is not, but is to come. Evil ebbs and surges and this tide is what we bathe in. Stir up your heart, cause a ruckus, among the waves of the ways of this world and you may just drown.

I want to talk more about waste because I feel it strongly. My cashflow is barely positive and so are many people’s. Yet to have some wealth would see us through hard times even if it’s just a reliable car and a sturdy house. Read about the cyclone in Australia [where I was born]. People were sitting on their rooftops just yesterday! What should we do with our money?

… Taking care of your finances prevents heartbreak, like when a bidder spared a young family defaulting on their mortgage, at a bank auction. I don’t want anyone to end up like that – to be a homeless family in debt or a bidder with a softened heart. The world doesn’t work that way. Hard decisions are made which is what keeps infrastructure up – this blog for instance – and trains and buses running. Trying to find that panacea for financial security amidst ponzi schemes and dodgy sovereign hedge funds.

  • Wealth does not include what you can’t carry with you easily
  • Assets which are big [house, suv] are liabilities. “Divide” them into small units
  • Now, electronic gadgets are better than books and paper materials – they are light
  • Years later, books will be better than electronic gadgets – they don’t use up resources
  • Larger electronic gadgets such as a hi-fi should be placed in a hall or library to be shared and stored safely for free. People will protect common places better.
  • Important books and music records should also be loaned to a hall or library but make sure you can get them back easily if needed.
  • Get to know yourself. There will come a time when money and assets are second fiddle to what you have learnt or practiced diligently. What are your talents? What can you teach others, that you have learnt expertly?
  • Find out about nature. Soon, toilets won’t flush anymore – just generate compost. If you worry about it, put together a composting mix and make organic kitchen and garden waste TP. Find out how you can dispose of urine effectively. If you’re worried about light bulbs or charging your phone, it’s all chemical / biological – find those formulas. Starting cooking fires – also chemical. Chemistry is often overlooked as a skill – it was once very important [as alchemy or al-kimia].

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