I’ve been spending the past few days looking over 8 schizo-rushed years of madly-acquired possessions; digging out and recycling underused past buys; thinking a lot about the future; juggling numerous projects and chores: drip drying, sawed and sanded, or junk piled in this perpetually-cleaning-in-progress 4 meter square hamster-bitten room I call home. I don’t live in really bad filth, although I just had my first soap bath in 10 days [these are the _tropics_]. I benefit from a nano particle germ-eating air conditioner Dad got me, and cheap Indian sandalwood incense sticks I burn like Ebeneezer Scrooge burnt coal – purifies the poorish road-dusty air effectively. Just organised some self-made posters I plan to sell after the dragged to death economic crisis finally occurs. You can get them now as JPEGs here [on my Pinterest].


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