I once posted this on Facebook and got some negative feedback. Here it is again. Has the world changed – because this is good stuff from St Paul’s letters. Hope you can view it in mobile mode – it’s supposed to be a table.

Screenshot from 2017-04-02 09-56-33

A little weird but it makes sense. We start life knowing only our bodies, a bit of our minds and broadly, mother nature. Then at adolescence we make the leap of faith – to God, al-Lah, Buddha etc. Something going on? Well experience speaks for itself. Eventually, after _so long_, that leap of faith pays off with gifts of spontaneous wisdom [fruit of the Spirit].

… I now have *mostly* all the digital and mechanical gadgets for the troubled times ahead but haven’t pinned down a good skill, talent or acumen for development. It has to be something immediately verifiable so nobody will second guess you as a member of the tribe as if, you were, say, a rainmaker. Maybe I’ll be a judge – a tribe member who lays down the law.

Law-giving seems twisty [enough for many a TV series]. But it involves just 3 basic roles: The “fors”, the “againsts”, and the “greater good” – the prosecutor, defense lawyer and judge. The skill to be all 3 is simple: let everyone have their say! [ _you_ are the court]. People only want 3 things: to win, for their enemy to lose, and to build popular support. A judge must tell them “no” to all that, in a gentle way. No revenge, reprisals, no forced compensations, no rioting, no dancing on someone’s grave. Being gentle and fair is also a simple 2 to 3 things: do not use your own life as a shining or damning example – use someone famous’ or some big ugly incident / war centuries ago; do not be impatient – time heals; and finally, do not hate the sinner, hate the sin – which is _the_ safety on the gun of judgement.


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