It’s a hazy early morning here in Malaysia, after the rain. Head got bruise attacked, before dawn, by Li Lian, in revenge for last night’s action. Somehow, I managed to sneak out of constipation “jail” today. No accidents later, I hope. Brewing another batch of bread beer, just been fiddling with my Windows phone background pic – I took a photo of textured glass which blends quite well. Reminds me of the time I absolutely had to use this public loo in an upscale mall. The stalls were all frosted glass and there was a jumpy guy hanging around with a can of deodorant. Semblance to a recurring dream I used to have. In my country, we don’t like using public loos. I can’t think whether that experience changed me or made me worse : / BTW, you may now agree this post was just as much difficult to title.

Getting started learning Mandarin and the guitar today. By May I should be decent at both, fingers crossed. In the evening, may walk to the cafe for a coffee.

… My mindwashed niece is over, accompanied by her witchcraft teacher. Our house is like Hogwarts, or maybe the shed next to it – Li Lian’s house ; ) Anyway, I successfully learnt how to play Fur Elise on the guitar all on my own. Adding the complex chromatic part now. Tonight, to tune in to the radio for some Mandarin.

… Disciplining Li Lian is now top on the agenda. It’s no coincidence we live side by side. A lot of schizo stories are actually true – a government plot to sink or sump some evil, unmanageable thing. You can read that I have a small life, in between scanning for LLL [let’s call her that from now on] but lately prophecy has been running thin and so is money for mind boosting drugs etc. The system _is_ falling apart. They have moved to liquidate my nextdoor Liews : /


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