Dad is soon to go outstation to visit the graves or rather the urns of his parents, teenagers during WWII. My grandfather died the year I was born, 1976, and his wife died shortly after the millennium. I was told, I wouldn’t need to do this for my parents, as modern times are as such – or so they said. What do you believe about tombs and ghosts? Can the dead hear our prayers? And where are they _actually_? … Surely not amidst their ashed, crackled urns, under the shaded walk of a Siamese temple.

Screenshot from 2017-04-04 08-24-56

I own a scrawly-signed Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook by Bruce Moen who was hit by a stroke some years ago, probably not from his travels in the Mindscape / Astralscape. Likely though, as a result of his successes in qualifying and quantifying spirituality. BTW, my crotch wart [don’t worry, I only got one : ) ] is now disappearing! Sorry about this, Bruce ; )

As a “fellow explorer of the afterlife”, I have my own version of the realms of the dead and the rituals we Chinese perform for them. God is “time / fairness”. How many of you don’t agree? Chinese serving food to the dead set out an extra stool, for god, use a yes-no dice to check if the spirits have “eaten”, and observe a 20 minute wait in-between throws. They know about God – maybe too much: _20 minutes_ ?

The dead are all *in* God / Christ, thus they can receive our blessings and bless us too. How many still don’t agree? The Chinese *seem* to believe all the dead go to hell. During Cheng Beng [which is Fujian speak – where my grandfather was from], they burn hell money and also paper mercedes, polo shirts, etc. if the deceased was a wealthy man. Chinese know that all pay for their sins who are not saintly. For the saintly, they earnestly give up food and prayers to the hills, rivers, etc. Heathens or gnostics? You decide.


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