How many think Pope Francis is the last pope? In the prophecy of St Malachi, he is named as the title above. Why Peter? And why is he Roman? Reading an old book on Google Books, on the history of the Society of Jesus, to which Francis belongs, all Jesuits come in the “bark of St Peter”. And the IHS is based in Rome. Furthermore, there is a play on Francis’ name. There was a “Frances of Rome”, a founder of a Catholic order.


… more proof of Francis as the last pope: an artifact thought to be the chair Peter used to teach from in Rome. Surrounding the chair are 4 teacher-saints. The Society of Jesus is also a teaching order. >> Francis : IHS : Teacher : Peter : Pope : Roman << Six coincidences in one. Can you name more?

… I just heard of Minishorts’ battle with cancer. Glad Claire is still alive. We were fixing her nerves earlier. All good people seem to be under attack lately. The reason is unclear but I guess they will never stop persecuting Christians who believe in Jesus’ name magic wishes and a Father in Heaven – things improvable to the average mind.


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