If you’ve read the last post “Peter the Roman”, you may be either offended or happy with this titled one. Actually, it’s not about the Pope, though _likely_ yet another sign, but about the furry white monsters we’ve been using to engage with people of the West who are telepathically / satanically wedged into us, These are good people who need to open up to Jesus. We can’t take on the whole US and UK governments – new Rome, but we can turn and save all their spear heads: those who were once good at heart.

Telepathy is the wrong way to make business, so is taking revenge by looking into the future. God cannot claim a world full of minds stuck together, neither can minds that rely on telepathy survive alone in a world full of wickedness. Evil has to set up the NWO. The Beast must come. People turn against God, king and country. All these are held back by telepathy. IMHO, the only thing that can break the deadlock is a cataclysm of worldwide proportions – being held back by religious blackmail.

Sometimes when I think of my small part, I loose touch of how much it means to the whole of God’s plan. Forrest for the trees. Stepping back sometimes, I am charged with the humbleness to carry on. Room ragging by furry white monsters with sharp teeth, saving my friends, and unpicking the truth here on my blog.


Critters: too mean, not white, but close enough. [sorry Francis! : )]


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