Woke up today, feeling Claire around me, suffering from a feverish state. I [we, I hope] took sedatives to sleep better but the fever and frayed nerves kept coming. Yesterday we made a major swoop on the heart of evil in London, knocking out the UK government’s machinery to spread terror [of the heart], helped by many Christian and clairvoyant groups. This, after my blog posts turned prophetic. I don’t purposely do it, but I heard that coincidences and prophecy happen from the prayers of many -no doubt those now eating plastic rice and fake [?] eggs.

Flashbacks to my babyhood, where the Asian and American saints were assaulted by British forward forces [using remote viewing and prophecy], rendering a whole group of god-sent telepaths useless. That year, Pope John Paul I died tragically and mysteriously. Many remember [clairvoyant] me and brother Meng, cousins Sam and Mike down under, special kids trying to hold back the juggernaut of evil.


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