Has anyone seen a miracle of these proportions? I posted this on Facebook and got ignored. Nobody thought it was special at all. Maybe it was the misreading of “ecneics”, interpreted as “acknowledge”. Later, after analyzing the quotation with friends, I found that it more resembles “act nice” but the die was cast.

[edit: my friends from the LDS where I first showed the miracle had me analyse it properly. The whole meaning changes. See below.]

Now DNA you’ll ‘a see fitness. You’ll bare no sayer – the devil, the devil. You thought the need of God – the leper damn God. This you act nice. Sino ita vlas*

* this is Latin for “allow the snake handler / rattlesnake root / hazensla”. It has other supportive meanings depending on the letter grouping – a miracle in a miracle!

Screenshot from 2017-04-28 10-47-56


Another giveaway is the contraction “Math” for “Mathematics”. But then again, didn’t James escape death and capture only to be killed on the second try? More clues that this quotation is _genuine_. I was told that other letters of the alphabet are also meaningful but they didn’t explain, maybe the tears for Jesus started flowing early when they saw this. “Remember the creator when you are young” … : /

Screenshot from 2017-04-28 10-29-39

Additional miraculous coincidences in the quotation, above. A calendar for God’s covenant with Abraham, Christ’s birth, His return, where we are now, and probably more information between than I can research at.

Satan’s language in the quotation from end to start. The letters of his tongue include S, P, O, G, and N. I am told this is the final miracle in the quote which contained Jesus’ Disciple’s deaths, unknown strings of genetics based on the Disciples’ characters, a warning for the bearer of the quote, a timeline, and finally, these words of the Enemy.

Non ns nos n guo p guo s ns s nos

I obtained this relatively poor translation by using Chinese phonetics – the closest language to the Devil’s own. Chinese characters are mostly all derived from events in Genesis, but they do not sound the same, which are written alike. Chinese people tried desperately to distance themselves from the Devil.

None can, we say, no saint fruit … too no – on social and [body] nerve networks

card prophecy.jpg

Another sign from God? Coincidences in color, wordplay, numbers, characters, and design. BTW, Woody doesn’t have any “connections” but having handled the card, the reverse side of his near miss has a lot of the circular joined up things so BAS is the man with the plan apparently.

  • Jesus is Woody from Toy Story? BAS, short for Bar ‘ěnoš [son of man]
  • Spidey is the dark god Alart’ […666…]
  • Mike the eyeball seems to be Michael, prince of Israel, defender of YHWH, also a bastion of Uriel as it seems … : /

Finally, one of my artworks turned prophetic. Inset, is the Hajar Aswad or black stone of Mecca, as it was observed in the 19th century, shattered by a cannonball. Vandalism has almost totally changed the fragments’ arrangement, some of which now sit in the British Museum, but I think the resemblance is apparent to all. What the caduceus stands for, I don’t fully understand. Just started doodling in a pixel / icon editor on my Mac. It could be prophetic in itself.


… I had to add this other odd coincidence, photographed at a cafe near where I live:chair telepathy.png

Ihsan (Arabic: إحسان‎‎), also spelled ehsan … meaning “to do beautiful things” – wikipedia

John Nash of “A Beautiful Mind” and the cold war code breaking? : )

… I will stop blogging for a while after this post. This, just after the US launched 59 cruise missiles at Syria [one step away from war with Russia]. Maybe I’ll return shortly after Malaysia’s general election which should also be _very_ prophetic. Most say it will be in June or July.

… The last day of May. I went out in white cloudy sunshine, with a red keffiyeh tied about my cutoff jeans, still deep blue, and scaly green Rorschach blotched singlet. I must have hit it right: nobody, sitting like Taliban, on the steps of the station, commented. Earlier, I got the message that this is what I should daily-wear from now on … Went out to buy bullion. In hard times, a 10x profit is possible. Economics : Behavior / money POpularity : revenue Results : profit PLeasure : growth Guilt : inflation Stinging : loving guilt … Popped into my Christadelphian gathering down in KL. Many of us are under attack by telepathy  … I’m almost 41. Today, a last attempt at a job: economy reports via Twitter … gave my yearly donations to charity … Natives wear funkier clothes – they belong to God. When I gird my keffiyeh, I feel God’s love in the alternating patterns … Bought a kippah … Was kept up last night. Still have to work … Will take sedatives tonight. Too tired, troubled times … Preaching, via telepathy … slept well, have to carry sleepless mom. Full of gas this drizzly dawn. Sipping tea … Posted a short story on a parable I told … Plumbing jammed up – took edible Epsom Salts … Kept up and argued, no solution … Trying an unusual repair on my Tevas – wood shavings : )


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