I thought about making this a Facebook game but decided to just release it in RPG form, with updates to the “universe” here, every Sunday [bookmark this post]. Today, some background to the adventure and rules for playing it. You can play it just through Facebook posts, messages, likes and shares.

When the game starts, please inform me, the developer, of a game start, there will be a quotation just below: with the flavor of the week for you to develop on. That simple : )

The space station lies dormant. Its air is still with a hint of ionization. Hundreds of meteors have hit the Earth and long lines are forming for launches off planet. Who gets a space ticket, and are you worthy of the adventure of a lifetime?

The Universe of Starships

The story takes off with a huge gathering all sorts of people for a starship, called the Ark, built to escape the earth now frequently bombarded by meteorites. A mega space station orbiting the planet has been built. The first choice players have is whether to stay behind or to join a starship crew. Everybody has a skill and they have to decide what it is [MASPEG: I will elaborate on this later]. For example, there will be money generators or salesmen, data miners, puzzle solvers, military strategists, reproducers, etc.

The story is flexible – it contains a simple A.I. Sideways, even backwards flow is possible at any time just by finding the right person [Facebook friend or prospective friend] while the immovable objectives are always to do good and to progress towards promotion, survival and finding a new planet.

People who fail are helped along at the space station training center. They receive a black uniform and are tasked with humanitarian aid towards Earth via shuttle trips. As they gain confidence, they can launch in a starship towards discoveries, and a new world.

Planets possible to sustain life are few and far away. They are described in more detail and players can choose or vote for which one to land on, and what to do there. As they progress towards a new civilization, they discover advanced alien races who do not communicate except to reveal artifacts, all pointing to a dimension gate. These aliens were left behind to guide life towards eternity – they cannot reveal any information about the universe or beyond. You can call them Cropcirclers.

These are the basic rules:

  • everything mankind needs has been invented except dimension gates. Players do not need to innovate except to find out how the alien artifacts work and what they lead to.
  • all kinds of technology exists such as shuttles, speeders, construction equipment; weapons: lasers, fusion missiles, armor, space suits, droids, computers, plasma canon, cybernetics, etc. surprise other gamers with what you may have!
  • everybody starts off in the game with a bodysuit, a weapon, a credit card, and an item of their choice based on MASPEG. Think of MASPEG as the space station intelligence. MASPEG influences promotion to higher ranks or different specializations. It was originally invented by MyToday-Asia, a pan global conglomerate based in China, to control the minds of its socialist population.
  • the starships are large, containing everything to support life, biospheres and even artificial gravity. For example, gravity, surprisingly is not provided by spinning, but by nanomachines that drag your blood and muscles towards a direction. If you can figure this out, why it’s better than spinning, you can drive the game forward – think science. This is about the future survival of man!
  • the space station is also huge, containing docks, shuttles, supplies, kids, mess halls, recreation domes, shops, anything you can imagine in a city mall or high rise apartment complex. If you like, it can even have artificial weather and bio organisms. Just imagine it.

Starting the Game

To start the game, a game master must post on Facebook, pointing to this page, He then starts recruiting people by invites to play “Starships” along the simple rules on this blog post. Every week, the plot is moved forward. The plot is designed to be independent of the story. The players live and learn – that’s their job. The game masters keep the rules, while the developer [yours truly] surprises the players with twists and turns every week. This doesn’t mean players can’t drive the story – it just means some things are out of their control – such as the weather on a planet, or the Cropcircler aliens. However, even how fast a starship travels would actually be under player influence! Players of course can mingle via message, share, or post. They may find reporting what they do to be vital. Remind everyone!

The MASPEG: What Would We Be Without Song or a Dance?


As I mentioned, Starships is logical. Even people must be logical. Character development goes according to behavior science researched by a fictional Chinese megacorporation. Nevertheless, here it all is: game on.


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