I ate too much fried shrimp chili. Fortunately, dad bought a lot of cheap loo rolls. Gotta stop the chili cheese sandwiches right away. Also our house gutter is leaking and blocked, dripping on my window shelter, in this month’s frequent thunderstorms. Finding it hard to work on my wealth report tweets and study mandarin. There’s a huge amount of pressure on my brain nerves. Took a sedative to sleep last night. Someone has been looking into my future and seeing all the wrong things but won’t own up. Life sucks. At least I had some fun making up a rucksack and cheekily repairing my old Teva sandals.

… Acid attacks from Li Lian after I countered her this morning, shrinking her stomach. She never gave poor people a chance to find food or a better tomorrow. It has to end soon – we don’t have enough anymore.

… People trying to sleep _on_ me this dawn after I had only 4 to 5 hours sleep after dinner, put on sedatives. I had to take a cold bath to shrug them off. My own family : ( Still, in these times of trouble, it is something you’d expect. Mom was as usual, stuck in front of the TV at 2am. I made a cup of coffee, she was cross legged and frozen on the sofa. Took Epsom salts for constipation. One of the punishments of the Beast.

… Drank a beer yesterday, on my way home from weekly walk. Someone thought I was poor and would like to buy cigarettes together. I was wearing poor clothes and shoes. The power of clothes is amazing. It made me rethink my wardrobe that I’ll put on later to teach about God. All this will happen around after elections in Malaysia.

… My extended family is counting the future using me as a yardstick. It’s really weird being used to divine things by astral powers spying over your shoulder and through possessed members of your household. This is actually a fallout of WWII. In fact no world war actually “ended” – it just spawned the seeds of a new war. Think about it.

… Terrible gas yesterday. Managed to loo normally this morning. Slept quite well, waking up after about 5 hours. Took 2 Rivotril. It’s a life-saver as are the Epsom salts and bird’s eye peppers. Brewing a tall glass of tea while typing this. Comforts are few and far between, you have to fight for your place in this end times world.

… Attacked by Li Lian using the Americans and British Christian millennials as proxies, as I walked out to the flea market this Saturday morning. Our team gave them all a big scare and Jesus love. Finally, the anger mounted against these Malaysian Chinese individuals stirring up hate and we beat them too. BTW I bought a cheap new cotton hat which may become my daily wear. Found out that kenaff or jute works quite well as a shoe sole but needs some work. Trying hay, determined to go organic : )

… More weird wrangling going on in America and UK, about God and tricking people. I don’t know what they’re up to. Threatening my pastor and former church mates etc.

… Action against the Liews, my neighbors, last night. Slept well after that and could loo easily. Lingering telepathy as I tweet and blog, like someone lit a sparkler behind my head. Drank coffee and a Red Bull, and did push ups on my wobble board. Brewing a huge cup of tea. My 16x scope broke just after I calibrated it with Google Earth. Feel like buying _something_ but Jesus hand is strong on me. I must save for a June trip, and not get involved in violence, trickery, or [stopping] terror. Rest, and thinking what this watershed month may hold for me.



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