Christians and Moslems, Jews and Arabs, draw their religion from God’s covenant with Abraham. Reading Genesis, in the Bible or al-Kitab, we see Abram asking god to spare Lot’s city of Sodom where bad shit was going on. He was really dumb – come on, admit it. Read it again. Sarai, Abram’s wife was also scornful of God giving her a son, creating Ishmael instead, a guy who would later be against all his brothers. Was Abraham smart? I don’t think so.

When God asked Abram to join him in covenant, he willingly did so. He often sought after angels and welcomed them with the best food – angels don’t care to eat! He was given the sign of circumcision because he said he loved his wife more than God. Righteous maybe, but Abram didn’t have a clue as to what God really was and how He feels about men. If Abram had said he loved God more than Sarai, God would have given him the true covenant – cutting of the frenulum – the part that stunts erections!


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