I don’t know why I saved so many paper sacks from McDonald’s, except maybe that it reminds me of all the Big Macs that I wolfed down during the increasingly urgent 8 pm news. I remember 9-11 – the “office fire” I thought had occurred up the World Trade Towers in New York. Looking back, I should have put a note into each paper bag and later these would remind me of all the things I’d ignored or pushed off as someone else’s business. Why I saved so many paper sacks – they’re signs of wasted days. I also used to save paper cups – signs of poor times – am I a fast food prophet? Jeremiah had a pot full of the best cuts while all I have are folded and pressed paper faintly smelling of mayo and fried spuds.

… Organizing a rugby-like game this June. Will post it on Meetup later. The rules are fun and easy. I need to get a whistle. To “tackle” a runner, opponents block him for 3 seconds. The referee blows a short whistle to enforce a pass otherwise the ball is thrown to the blockers. This can be a game for mixed groups as there is no real “contact” yet touching the body is allowed which enhances realism. No goal posts needed. Kicking or bouncing the ball is allowed and forward passing too – anything natural or organic. Dead on field balls freed to the opposing team. No scrums or penalties. The pitch can be much smaller.

… Wondering if I should get a proper rugby ball instead of my foamie. May wander out later. Don’t feel really like buying things anymore these few months, or going shopping, even online for some reason. Doing my job tweeting economic health reports. Can’t study Mandarin well lately.

… Think I bought a Gilbert Barbarian from Lelong.com.my for a good price. It was sold out just hours after I paid. Hope it comes this week.

… Just as I suspected, the seller of rugby balls was played out, just like the seller of Leatherman Squirts. I eventually got a Squirt out of him but it took months, and he called me, very bothered, to confirm the order. Anyway, I changed my order to 2 Omega rugby balls – lower standard amateur match balls. Not sure if I can get those either : /


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