When I was a teenager, I was given material to read about our personal walk with God. God hadn’t called me, nor Jesus and I didn’t have any supernatural feeling. I felt dull about religion, but I knew I had to study it  – to someday prove God scientifically. The point is: is it a good idea to know God or a good idea to believe? In a previous post, I said superstition opens the mind and the heart. What you like is what you should do, and even a morsel of correctness is workable to the Divine One. Nevertheless here is some Math which most people hate …

  • The Big Bang is a scientific discovery that no Math has fully explained
  • The only logical explanation for it is that it blew both ways through a very short tube, springing first, out of 1 dimension, to 2 to 3. It’s the reason galaxies collide, when there should be an even expansion of the universe, plus the universe has a twin with no God yet!
  • If God preexisted creation, that’s more logical than not, because the more perfect a being, the more prepared creation must be for it
  • The Gaia theory was made to explain how planets with life are semi sentient, which would explain why life gets along together like clockwork
  • Without intelligence in creation, no life can arise knowing God. The ancestors of modern man prayed to Gaia, then to the Sky Father. What were they doing if the universe evolved on its own?

Think about it! We actually know God [it’s so simple] but we just want Him to fit into our lives because we don’t do things exactly right. More on this later.


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