Much of early Christianity has its roots in Paul’s teachings. He founded and fed the congregations in Asia, now western Turkey, in the former Roman Empire. I’ve read things that made me choke, some that went down smooth, but never had I read anything like Paul was preaching in his letters. Granted the background is missing and we only hear mere platitudes towards goodness, not the core values that Jesus’ disciples had. We wonder if we should derive our religion from handed down knowledge, testimony, new revelations, or the Bible’s sometimes quizzical epistles, summaries, and exhortations.

For example, women are put down by Paul, who now are gaining in rights and privileges. We are told salvation is God’s free gift but Paul also tells us he labors for the Prize. We read that often heard exhortation to be “in Christ” to “get rid of sin” but are not sure what it means. Paul chastises Peter for being a two faced Christian when Jesus said not a letter of the law will pass away until the coming. Paul was a former Pharisee or teacher of the law in Jerusalem, the law being values he later imposed on churches he would establish.

Much of early Christianity must have been a soup – the shepherd struck and the sheep scattered. Unearthing the true Way by reading forward of the 4 Gospels is fraught with dangers. Getting to know your church and the experiences of its elders is a better way to learn what God intended, so are the small voices of mini prophets, called by prayers of many.

… My Gilbert Omega rugby balls are shipped : ) Somehow they got through the evil imperial blockade that’s been running my life since last year. Too bad I wasn’t able to get the Barbarian but 2 Omegas will have to do. The interesting thing is that rugby was founded near the university I wanted to go to, in England, and where the Christadelphians are based – the association of Christian brothers who baptised me. In another life, I would have joined a church in Warwickshire and been okay, not bombarded by telepathy as I type this today.

… Woke up at 5am to being struck via telepathy several times, even by family members. The remnant of Liew Kar Fai or Luc, is still operating somewhere, looks like Singapore. Yesterday, we mowed down Li Lian’s forces. Not sure what remains but it isn’t really that dangerous. Fell asleep on sedatives before completing the job, unfortunately. Smell of hot coffee and breakfast burger in a tray. Drank a Red Bull for energy. Talking down my family from doing wrong – they are overly emotional – a trait from Ban Cheong, our grandfather / granduncle.

… My rugby balls arrived promptly this morning, uninflated, so I need a needle ball pump. Not sure how to inflate it to its optimum size. It says 9.5-10 psi so I guess you can put 10 pounds onto it and check if it dents – it shouldn’t dent by much. Seems like a lot of sports stores have moved out of PJ into Subang Jaya. Is my neighborhood going down : /

… Woke up at 3am. Feeling tired and pressed on by the telepathy. It seems they want to make an example of me to take revenge on Asians. I was born in Australia : / Anyway, after some mild threats, we are shoving the British and Americans off.

… Finished tweeting late, waiting for UK election results. It’s official, the Conservatives have lost their slim-ish majority with 18 seats still to count. I wonder what they will do this time, since apparently, no one party can tolerate any others anymore : /

… Dad got me a cheap ball pump from the hypermart on shopping day. Actually, all we needed was the needle. A little work with the mind saves a lot of money. Inflating the ball was easy. Just checking the pressure with your fingers and not stretching the seams too much, then measuring the circumference to confirm. Bouncing a rugby ball is really unpredictable! – unlike what the pros do so easily. I hope I can play okay after the telepathy imperial blockade and _someone_ purposely losing the needle etc.


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