Confessing is the first step to salvation. Being able to be re-received into your community of the heart, mind, or body i.e. physically being accepted again, or thought of admirably again, is the aim of confession. Confessing to Jesus or Mary is the first important step. Confession done with faith provokes a whole chain of your future by which you sidestep the cross and the whip i.e. the humiliation suffered by the Lord, and re-engage with your neighbor(s). Faith in confession is knowing what you did – a sin – is a black mark on your lifepath record that nothing can erase. That tiny grain of “help me” is all Jesus needs to save you from Satan and the accuser. Do not pray in vain.

… woken up this morning, despite taking 2 sedatives, at 3am with token resistance from the Liew army in the mindscape. Playing with my rugby ball and hoping the torture will go away. Ate a mini Mars bar and drank a bit of coffee for breakfast. Thinking of going out tomorrow – Sunday.


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