In my book, the Analects of Elder Brother Yeap, there is a sutra called “The Beachcomber”. Its closest month and year cycle was last March 2015. The day cycle, of 72 sutras, meets its closest, on this 19th of June, while the hour cycle, beginning at 22-3-2014, noon, a Sabbath, Jerusalem time, causes cycles of 72 hours or 3 days to spin round, the closest being tomorrow, and also on the eve of the 19th aforementioned.

Why the beachcomber sutra is special is because of several things I’m being pushed to do by the powers that be. I was thinking of coffee carriers, the beach, star shapes, rugby, holidays, as well as mathematics-physics. Some of these things I bought outright, others were put off due to telepathy, but I stand to gain a lot if I can somehow make the right decisions this week. The ABY has never failed to predict a big event such as the birth of Mohammed and the founding of America – even the revelations given to Joseph Smith, first LDS prophet. Have a look at it here:

… I’ve decided to go out tomorrow, in different clothes. Think I may pop by SS2 and see what’s going on there. Maybe fix my Tevas at a cobbler, if possible.

… Woke up 7am this morning, did my tweeting work and drank coffee and red bull for energy. Got seared across the head by Li Lian who is irate and out to stop good peoples’ lives. Rasped the old glue, hay, jute, and gravel off my sandals and packed them.


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