There should not be anyone or church forcing a belief system on us. The true reason “doctrines” were made was because of internal dissent fueled by enemies, not ordinary you-and-me’s sliding down the slippery slope. Laws lead to death, understanding – to life. Why are the 4 gospels cryptic? Why did Jesus talk in parables? He wanted us to understand, not follow laws blindly or fearfully. So when people drag out fornication, masturbation, keeping up with the Joneses, drinking beer, Starbucks and fine teas, we can just tell them they’re spreading more area of our butts for target practice by Satan. When people drag out slander or elitism against another church for its doctrines, it opens our mouths for our tongues to be cut off by the Enemy and our eyes to be blinded by God.

… Went out earlier and bought [yet] another Bible. Had my Tevas resoled. The Bible cost less than a basic patch-job resole – a sign of the times we live in? Many are spreading the gospel, even here on WordPress : ) Anyway, I split the Bible into New and Old Testaments and left the Old under a park bench. Just finished rebinding the New Testament. Will keep it with me from now on in my back pocket. This is a sign the old is passing away. I am like Jeremiah, if you wondered.

… Woke up before 3am and went through my pep routine of coffee, red bull, chili peppers and hot noodle soup, finally a cold shower. We’re giving Li Lian deafness. It’s heal-able but each time she acts out in the mindscape, the fix isn’t perfect, and she gets a little more deaf. I’m not the smartest mind warrior but I don’t give up on other people’s lives in my care. We have to put our foot down and not bow to the scarlet harlot all the time, killing our own good people : /


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