Some days ago, I chanced upon and decided to find out more – to plan my future over the week starting Monday. It was fun and initially surprising even, how everything fit but now it’s getting fidgety waiting for the days to come. I even youTubed fidget spinners – discovering that they’re sold off a lapsed design for disabled kids, they never got paid for inventing it. I wonder if everyone out there is also waiting for their “moment” in the sunshine. My neighbor, the insane Barneous, has been reading my future along with me and fighting me and the people I’d meet off it. I don’t know what to do offhand or even after light thinking, but I shudder to butt heads with the Son of Man of schizophrenia. I can’t believe they moved in next door and I never got to marry his Americanized sister, now tearing up the US telepathy scene – it was hard to find a proficient english-speaking girlfriend, coming home to Malaysia from Australia.

… Woke up just past 2am today. Tugging me back to bed and pulling me awake rattled my nerves. Had to take cold baths and eat chili to oust the possessors. Doing my tweeting – took almost 2 hours to gather the news for my economic #porplgs report. Somehow yesterday, I wound up cutting into Greece, but then again, Greek people took advantage of me while I was in university in UK. Is my ship coming in soon? Well, work in the mind has a long way to go before I / we can celebrate : /

… Checked my debit account and it’s almost empty. At least my newly cobbled sandals held up to the long walk. This sounds pretty pathetic but I walk almost everywhere in high end hiking sandals and bank with 2 banks, one local and one foreign. Is everything good? I don’t know – I haven’t held a full time job for years maybe never again until the world rolls over on its troubles. Tomorrow, my prophetic jump point, I won’t be out. Checking the ABY, this day was “The Uncle’s Birthday and the Bland Food”, a sutra about living life according to your [good] judgement, thinking you’re doing a great job, then – surprise, God springs one better on you! I didn’t see that today yet : /


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