Having someone you can look up to is important if you have inadequacies. This is pretty much preaching to the choir as everyone on WordPress, it seems, is a leader already. But starting off, I didn’t realise that so many people, even Westerners, needed moral support to do basic things like handle evil or wicked people they may meet in the mindscape.

Leadership isn’t being the most moral or the most sacrificial. Nor is it being the most smart, neither the most brave or charismatic. It is being the most loving.

Leadership is love acted out. Love is leadership from above or beyond the ordinary

I will touch on this later after it sinks in. Is Donald Trump a good leader? He often acts with love, if you didn’t catch that!

… In my experience, commanding forces in the mindscape, it’s vital to take responsibility for collateral. Fights occur all the time and nobody is 100% right or wrong. Sometimes unbelievably cruel blows and torture happen and you have to decide what to do. Patience is a key quality of a leader, as is decisive, measured action. Who do you see being dealt cruelty [the shoot of disobedience] and being patient yet decisive? POTUS? The meeting with Comey was a farce, with America unable to pay its government debts, falling prey to Russian [backed] terrorists, taking revenge for the Obama fist of power. How patient was Trump and how many presidents traveled so widely to gain support while Obama visited to pull trade deals? Who isn’t afraid to shield the US from collateral? Who is a good leader?


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