The rings of Saturn were beautiful – but deadly. Passage between Titan and Europa by asteroid ship was a turbulent one. Jeyp knelt before the Queen in his long loincloth, dew covering his bare muscles, from the cave system’s rushing, moist air. The still beating heart of a viper washed her whisky against the tall stemmed mini goblet. Take it, she commanded. He drank deeply as she let her fur robes fall.

Waking up from the powerful aphrodisiac drug, he felt stronger, still hard and pulsing urgently. The Queen’s stark nude body heaving under his arms as long fingernails gently scored his back once more accustomed to the lashes of the mines overlord, now aroused by Jupiter’s wife. Did it hurt? she asked. I don’t remember anymore, he said, turning over and sitting up. No one must find you here, she whispered urgently. He nodded, doing up his garment. What Jeyp had that many did not, he tucked neatly into the black synth linen. The Queen’s eyes dropped to her open vulva, overflowing with his freshly deposited sperm. From a dark corner of the chamber, nobody noticed a ship’s bat’s fluttery departure. Nothing is a secret for very long in deep space, though judgement takes time. Jeyp knew the fate of those who still could breed. Sex and immortality were concepts at odds, ever since the planet scorching of 2035, and the covenant of castration, but a child with the overlords she desired not, nor could they punish her.

… to be continued. Just piling on words with no real plan : )


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