Jesus said I give you peace, but not as the world gives. What did he actually mean? In their context, we see Jesus about to leave the world, and to send the Holy Spirit to guide the apostles, telling them not to be afraid or worried. But in our context now, we are so often troubled and afraid, without peace, searching for solace in the world’s false [?] peace. What could the bible mean by this special “good feeling”?

My peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you. – John 14

The first clue is that Jesus is not of the world and it is His peace given to those who follow. The second clue is that Jesus leaves His peace with us before He gives it. How is that interpreted? My interpretation is that you do not have to be holy or good to receive Jesus’ peace as he simply _leaves_ it with us. We do not have to pay – it’s free – He _gives_ it to us. So why don’t people have peace? It is already within us but we feel different about ourselves than Jesus likes, so that our free peace is cut off. Do not waste your life with poor thoughts of yourself and your future, taking drugs or alcohol to dull the pain – you just dull the inner Christ image.

… Today is the last day of action in the mindscape against Li Lian. We must establish God’s dominion over the telepathic empire of this [evil] Semiramis archetype. We will be using 12th level powers – the breath of Christ, to subdue her once and for all. Preparing for it is somewhat like this above post teaches. We must find peace, then comes the weapon – the Spirit is like that.

… I bought an electric scooter. My first pair of wheels I owned myself. Only a few hundred USD and looks like the Vespa I admire. In the future, a lot of electric vehicles will be accommodated for. If there are a lot of gatherings in the months ahead, it should be worth it.


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